weekly van insurance 1 or more week cover

  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Fully Comprehensive
  • Immediate cover once payment processed online
  • Secure payment processing
  • Document safe facility to keep your documents accessible and safe
temp van insurance

Why One Week Van Insurance ?

  • Cover up to 2 additional drivers
  • Holiday time? - Add close friends or family members as additional drivers
  • Need an cover for an additional van just for one week? 
  • Moving house and just need a van for a week
  • Need cover for a courtesy vehicle or a week test drive of a new van
  • This is only a few of the many situations that arise that van insurance is needed for just 1 week

Types of Insurance Available 

When you are planning to use a van for a small job, an option to consider is temporary van insurance. With weekly van insurance policies available these days, you can now be assured that you will stay fully protected for that period of time. There are only a few brokers in the UK that provide weekly van insurance policies. We can provide you with quotes from these select brokers and in additional provide a best price guarantee. The cover offered is fully comprehensive only, we do not provide third party cover, the insurance will also have an excess as is standard in any policy. Select the Get Quotes option to receive a quote to meet with your business or leisure requirements. 

What are the Benefits ?

The first and foremost benefit of using weekly van insurance policies are that you are protected even for as short period of time. When you take these policies, you have to pay premiums exactly for seven days; thus, it is quite affordable for you. If these policies were not there, you would have had to take long term policies, use your vehicle and then cancel the policy after a few weeks. This would have led to the payment of the penalty for pre-closing the policy. Hence, these type of policies help you plan for unpredictable situations in a better way and give you affordable options to stay protected. The demand is huge as it common for drivers to need protection not for a year, but for a week or even daily. 

Can I reduce the cost of weekly van insurance

The cost of insurance depends on a number of factors, some you have control over and by taking action you can reduce the premium for weekly van insurance. We have listed a few ways that you can bring down the costs below. 

  • If you are an experienced driver you may consider increasing the excess so that you take more risk should an accident happen. This should be rewarded by your broker giving you an additional discount.
  • Only add an additional driver if they are over 25, as under 25's are statistically as higher risk and attract a higher premium
  • Can you provide secure overnight parking
  • Is your postal code outside city limits? Out of city post codes are at less risk of being stolen or involved in an accident 

In summary if you want to make your  policy affordable, you have to make yourself eligible for the discounts offered by service providers. Some of these have been detailed above. In addition shop for different quotes online. Compare the costs and what is included and excluded in the policy taking this step will help you fine a good deal on weekly van insurance. Lastly having a a good history of no claims marks you as a safe driver and again the price quoted will reflect this by being being lower than drivers with a history of making claims against their insurance policy.

More reasons to avail of weekly van insurance